domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Analizing an ad

In September 2010 Carolina Herrera presented her new fragance 212 vip.

This new fragrance totally new in the market and totally awesome, evokes joy and fun in a party which is totally exclusive and private.

In this ad, there is not any celebrity making propaganda of the product, since the message of this ad has to do with the exclusiveness and privilege which is related with the slogan ‘VIP’ ( very important person), thus, if you use this fragrance you will be an important and successful person wherever you go.

This one, is a luxury version which is not for daily use but to make use of it during the night, most probably in a party or in those occasions in which you need or want to be the focus of the place.

I have to mention that this perfume is a classic product which sells prestige and quality, its fragrance line has extreme success  among the young people, where the attraction, distinction and youth are weapons of seduction.

What caught my attention most is the fact the ad does not give any information about the product itself, and it finishes with the announcer saying the name of the perfume and clarifying that is for him and for her.

Personally, I am a large consumer, since everything I see in a shop or through an ad I feel I need it, and a few days later I find myself buying a big quantity of different stuff.